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1 to 2 Hour Educational Sessions

40 to 90 Minute Keynotes






Leadership Skills to Overcome Today's Challenges

Bring Out the Best in People—and Keep Them!
Character-Based Leadership Skills: A Novel Resolution for Today's Workforce Challenges


Employee Development, Motivation and Retention

Making a Lasting Impact: How to Give Employees Feedback for the Good and Bad
How to Reduce Employee Turnover by 25%!
Hiring People You Want ... and Getting What You Expect!


Ethics in the Workplace

Prevailing over Ethical Dilemmas and Feeling Good about Doing What's Right






Leadership Skills to Overcome Today's Challenges SM

The subtle differences between managers and leaders can make the difference between success and failure in today's economy. Learn how to develop leadership skills to the next level by:

  • Developing the untapped potential in employees

  • Getting employees to achieve organizational goals

  • Lifting morale non-monetarily

  • Improving customer satisfaction while reducing expenses

Bring Out the Best in Your Healthcare Staff—and Keep Them! SM
Among the greatest challenges healthcare managers face is the endless struggle to build a harmonious workforce of conscientious, loyal employees. Learn from best practices of organizations that succeed in this struggle by practicing a novel set of character-based leadership skills. Their results ...

  • Nursing staff turnover drops, and ...

  • Employees perform at new levels of excellence, then ...

  • Survey deficiencies decrease, and ...

  • Patient/resident care improves, then ...

  • Workforce expenses decrease significantly, and ...

  • Managers free their time for more important tasks!

This interactive presentation describes realistic ways for participants to achieve similar results. Attendees learn how to develop the untapped character qualities in their employees and more.


Character qualities like dependability, sensitivity and thoroughness encompass more than ethics ... they are inner traits that produce tangible results!



Character-Based Leadership Skills:  A Novel Resolution for Today's Workforce Challenges SM
Employees today want more from their jobs than just a paycheck—they want inspiring and dependable leadership. Few managers were born as natural leaders. What healthcare managers lack in leadership skills, costs facilities thousands of dollars every month from uninspired employees and needless turnover.


This session focuses on developing skill sets so attendees become more effective leaders. Character-based leadership skills helps all managers, regardless of current performance, reach the next level. Healthcare executives and managers love this presentation because they get significant yet simple solutions for some of their toughest workforce challenges!



  • How to make people skills the No. 1 driver of your success

  • How to reinforce behavior you want repeated through a non-monetary method of employee recognition

  • Small group exercise(s) for practicing and discussing new skills learned

  • How to overcome common employee problems

  • How to get your workforce from where they are to where you want them to be

  • How to build on your leadership strengths and strengthen your weaknesses

  • A dramatic closing story that illustrates the powerful benefits of this material

The proven management techniques revealed in this presentation produce significant results for participants within months. (Feel free to request verification of this fact.)



Employee Development, Motivation and Retention


Making a Lasting Impact: How to Give Employees Feedback for the Good and Bad SM
mployees want genuine appreciation for the good they do and constructive feedback on how to improve. With skilled labor so hard to find and costly to replace, more and more healthcare managers are learning about constructive criticism and how to develop the untapped potential in their staff. Managers who develop this skill stand out as leaders.


Participants learn how to:

  • Focus on the positive and reinforce behavior they want repeated

  • Give employees the appreciation they deserve

  • Discipline and restore employees with performance/behavior problems

  • Develop untapped potential in employees

  • Give constructive feedback

  • Conduct motivating performance reviews


How to Reduce Employee Turnover by 25%! SM
Employee turnover has a subtle but dramatic impact on the bottom line. The costs associated with employee turnover run from $800 for a low-wage employee, to over $5000 for "the average employee" according to numerous workforce studies. Even though employee turnover is so costly, most healthcare managers receive little training in employee retention. This presentation gives managers proven methods for dramatically reducing employee turnover.


Participants learn how to:

  • Encourage employees to stay, by using proven non-monetary retention methods

  • Avoid hiring the wrong people and reduce new-hire turnover

  • Discipline and restore employees with performance/behavior problems

Addressing employee turnover is the most effective way to overcome recruitment challenges.


Hiring People You Want ... and Getting What You Expect!
This hands-on workshop teaches a fresh approach to a common struggle for healthcare managers: hiring people you want ... and getting what you expect! Learn proven methods to address one of your biggest workforce headaches.


This presentation enables you to:

  • Use an innovative (and simple) recruitment strategy that cuts employee turnover in half (audiences sigh in relief when they hear it)!

  • Hire employees with job-specific character traits

  • Prepare character-discerning questions for the interview process

  • Reduce the risk of negligent hiring lawsuits


Ethics in the Workplace


Prevailing over Ethical Dilemmas and Feeling Good about Doing What's Right SM
Alternate title: Character in the Workplace—The Greatest Untapped American Resource SM

The corporate scandals and leadership breakdown of recent years, now affects employee trust, business relationships, company profits and the economy. Integrity in the workplace is no longer assumed. Conscientious executives are taking the lead and are reinforcing integrity and values in the workplace. This interactive presentation helps executives build trust. Attendees get helpful advice on how to remain competitive despite ethical pressures from competitors and customers.


Participants learn:

  • How poor ethics affects employees and hurts the bottom line

  • How to strengthen your resolve to do what's right

  • How to reduce exposure to expensive lawsuits through ethical business practices

  • How to confidently free yourself from ethical dilemmas

  • How good ethics increases business success


Intended Audience

All healthcare managers, executives, administrators, DONs, and team leaders


Length of Sessions

1 to 2 hours for educational sessions
40 to 90 minutes for keynotes

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Comments from Clients and Attendees
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