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" ... Outstanding presentation.... I could tell from the level of participation of our department heads that they immediately saw the great worth of the program and wanted to get the most out of it.... We are reaping great benefits for our organization from the things we learned from you."
Thomas F. Kennedy
Administrator, Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital


"I can’t tell you how SOLD I am on character-based leadership ... we weren’t even through the afternoon session when I was able to utilize the morning training with my staff. ... [staff soon packed into the office and] were singing to me over the phone. What a chain reaction!"

Tess Spears

Administrator, Grace Living Centers


"Our attendance was 50% higher this year than any previous year. [Four months after your presentation,] I am still getting compliments from people who attended. The money was well spent for the attendance and reflection on our company."

Ron Hall

Healthcare Sales Manager, Abbott SYSCO


"My mind is racing from the things I have learned in the short hour I listened to Ron and his ideas. He made so much sense. I was also kept awake. I tend to keep real sleepy if my attention isn't held and he had mine all the way through."

Anita Murphy

Director of Foodservice, Eastern State Hospital


"Your topic of Character-based Leadership Skills was excellent.... One of the members indicated that in all the years they had attended conferences, yours was the best they had ever been to.

Robert H. Roiland

Illinois Nursing Home Administrators Association


"[Employee] turnover was 100% before the training, [two years later] it is 0% due mostly to implementing character-based leadership skills.... Absenteeism has decreased in dietary.... It seems pride and self worth are on the increase."
Chuck Browning
Food Service Supervisor, Rolling Plains Hospital


This presentation was received beyond expectation of participating staff.

Michael T. Shepard

Executive Director, Davis Life Care Center


"Your simple and easy to understand style of teaching and easy to apply to the workplace techniques taught in the workshop have proved to be immensely beneficial to the organization,"

Rohit Khattar

Managing Director, Old World Hospitality, New Delhi, India


"I appreciated how organized you were and the flexibility you showed by tailoring the presentation to meet our needs. The feedback I received from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Not only was the material fresh and inspiring, but it was easy to apply immediately. The supporting materials are excellent."

Lori Shelby, PHR

Director of Human Resources, Willamette View


Most all of the statements on this page are documented. If you have any doubts about any of the statements, please ask for verification.





"We have never had such good attendance as we had for your presentations."
"Excellent workshop, very meaningful, moving, memorable, inspiring ..."
"Exact, precise, and direct about what we need to do and how to do it."
"I will take the principles and apply them starting Monday!"
"This is just the kind of information I've been looking for..."
"Speaks from experience ... that creates credibility"
"Excellent!!! Your training has changed my life."
"Best of all the workshops I've attended!"
"Wow—he was great—best yet!"
"This guy is good"

"You have always been one of our most popular speakers ..."

"These comments from attendees make us feel great about choosing you as our featured speaker."

"This was the best workshop I have attended! It far exceeded my expectations!"

"The feedback was phenomenal based on the surveys."

"SUPER WORKSHOP! Best so far that I've been to!"
"Very powerful, applicable and user-friendly"
"Outstanding presentation! Best one here."
"You are the best speaker I've heard and I've been to a lot of meetings!"
"Your [3-step] method was the most memorable of all the tons of information I got during the whole [3-day] conference."
"This, by far, was the most useful and applicable seminar that I attended"

"Right after working the 11-7 night shift I attended your all-day seminar and was pleasantly surprised you held my attention the whole time."

"...excellent presentation! You gave a stimulating, thought-provoking and practical presentation on a topic that was clearly an issue of interest to the audience."
"... great unanimity in recommending that you be invited to present a future seminar."
"very impressive speaker—enjoyable, knowledgeable and instructive."
"invaluable information in any area of work and relationships"
"... realistic ways of implementation in the real world."
"Wonderful presentation of awesome material."
"...very informative and inspirational talk. Ron has a natural gift for story telling which draws the listener in..."
"... excellent program with material I can use right away ..."
" ... attention-grabbing program."
"I really enjoyed the session and the speaker's enthusiasm."
"... Very motivating speaker... please bring him back again."
"Excellent material and method. One of the easiest, sensible methods to implement."
"Thanks for a great job at our Show. Everyone was raving about your presentations!"




Partial List of Clients


American Health Care Association
Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital
Missouri Health Care Association
California Association of Homes & Services for the Aging
Institute for International Research
Oregon Alliance of Senior & Health Services
Lancaster Health Group
Kewanee Hospital

Illinois Nursing Home Administrators Association
Old World Hospitality, New Delhi, India
U.S. Foodservice, Seattle Div.
Grace Living Centers

Loveland Good Samaritan Retirement Village
Genesis Health Ventures
Wisconsin Dietetic Association
Little Angels (Long-term Care for the Disabled)
Hormel HealthLabs
Petersen Health Care
International Food Service Executives Assn.

Davis Life Care Center
Illinois Health Care Association

Cynthia Chow & Associates, LLC

Abbott SYSCO
McAbee Medical
Boulder Good Samaritan Center
SYSCO Food Services of Atlanta

Willamette View
Ft. Collins Good Samaritan Retirement Village
Oregon Health Care Association

Bonell Good Samaritan Center


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